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Your garage door is an important part of your home security system, it protects your property from intruders and the cold Canadian winters.  It is also part of the overall design of your home and it needs to look good and work perfectly.  Garage Door Medics have the technicians and experience to make sure your garage doors work perfectly.  Our experienced staff is available 24 hours in case of emergencies and we have the expertise to repair or replace your garage doors. 

Hamilton Garage Door Repair

There is nothing worse than getting ready to head off to work in the morning, you jump in your car hit the remote to open the garage doors…and nothing happens.  We know how busy Hamilton families are and the last thing you have time for is a garage door that doesn’t work. 

Most homeowners don’t even consider their garage doors as part of their home when in fact they are an important part of it.  That’s why Garage Door Medics takes the time to thoroughly vet and train our staff  to make sure we alway keep up to date on the latest garage door repair techniques. 

Garage Door Medics should be the first call that Hamiltonians makes when their garage doors won’t open. 

Maintenance and Emergency Services

Your garage door is never going to break down when you want it to, they are going to stop working when you are late for work, just as Murphy’s Law dictates.  

We built our business around offering emergency services so that our customers never have to feel like they are stuck or stranded.  Our technicians will come to your home or office anytime of the day or night to make sure your that your garage doors open and shut smoothly.  

Our trained technicians have years of experience in the industry and Garage Door Medics stands by the work that we do, all of our work is backed up with a one year warranty.  You can rest assured that your garage doors are in excellent hands. 

Getting Back on Track

One of them most common service calls that we get is when our customers’ garage doors come off the rails.  Broken rollers and misaligned panels are another common cause of repairs.  The first thing you’ll notice is your garage doors will start making noise as you open and close them.  Don’t try and force your garage doors you may end up doing more damage. 

Our trucks are always on standby and fully loaded with all of the tools and equipment necessary to repair your garage doors.  We believe in same day repairs and none of this “waiting for parts” nonsense that many other companies will put you through.

Our mission has always been to repair your garage doors the right way on the first call!

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Garage Door Medics are your go to solution for when your garage doors won’t work. Serving the Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville area for more than a decade.