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A garage door is more than just another entryway into your home it also needs to protect your property from the weather, it needs to look good, keep your home secure and work smoothly.  Garage Door Medics is here to offer a variety of solutions to make sure that your garage doors meet all of those criteria.  Our staff has the expertise to meet your garage door needs and we can help repair or recommend the perfect door and accessories that will blend perfectly with your home. 

Garage Door Service and Repair

You have just come home from an exhausting day at the office, you pull into your driveway and hit the garage door opener to pull your car…nothing happens.  You try again and it goes horribly wrong, suddenly your garage door is this bent and mangled mess. 

This happens to business and homeowners more often than it should.  We never give the garage doors a second thought until something goes wrong with them. 

Garage Door Medics can help you with any situation involving your garage doors, we are available 24 hours a day for emergency services.  When your doors won’t open or shut, we are the team to call. 

Broken Tracks & Springs

Garage doors are meant to be opened and closed yet doing so puts pressure on your tracks and springs.  The tracks and springs are the first thing to wear out and that is usually the problems when we get called out to service a client’s garage doors. 

When your garage door starts making an unusual noise when you are opening or closing it, you need to contact a qualified garage door repair team like Garage Door Medics.  Often it is a misaligned panel or broken roller.  If you try and force the door your garage doors can come off their tracks completely damaging the doors themselves and your car or other property that you keep in your garage. 

The springs that help your garage door open and close are one of two types, extension springs or torsion springs.  Torsion springs are safer, less noisy and you will find them in newer garage doors.  These springs will wear out with time and need to be replaced.  Our team keeps a variety of springs on hand so there is no “waiting for parts” when you deal with Garage Door Medics. 

New Installation

There may come a time when your garage door just isn’t worth fixing anymore or you want something new to update the look of your home.  Garage Door Medics can help you select and install your new garage doors.  Your garage doors are a crucial part of your home security system and they need to be able to protect your property. 

Garage Door Medics will make sure that your garage doors are properly installed and are working perfectly.  We make sure you can easily open and close your garage doors either manually or with your remote.  We have more than a decade of experience behind us along with a long list of happy customers who have used our services.

We stand by the work that we do and offer all of our clients a one year warranty on all the labor of installing your garage doors.  You can rest comfortable knowing your garage doors will work perfectly when you need them and that your home is safe and secure.

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